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Investing in Grand Marina Saigon – risks always come with potential benefits?


The concepts of “wealth” and “property consumption” were clarified by Robert Kiyosaki in the best-seller book series “Rich Dad – Poor Dad” (English name “Rich Dad – Poor Dad”) to help many people think carefully when they want to. buy an item. According to that definition, a brand-name apartment is a type of “asset” – valuable forever. Many evidences over the past decades show that luxury apartments have:

  • The value of investment has grown steadily over time
  • Better “resilience” during market volatility
  • Recover faster from financial recession

Grand Marina

Currently, Grand Marina, Saigon, the world’s largest brand-name Marriott apartment complex in Vietnam, is being explored by home buyers and is considered a legacy property, proud to leave behind. next generation. In addition, according to a statistics on the real estate status of luxury brands and Grand Marina Saigon in the world, we have the following conclusion:

  • Real estate accounts for 27% of the world’s wealthy portfolios
  • Among the types of real estate, apartments and offices attracting the largest proportion of investment capital are 35% and 29%, respectively.

Thus, investing in branded real estate has been an extremely popular investment in the world for hundreds of years that top billionaires often use!

To clarify, we have some outstanding events, here are the links between the development of the super-rich and the demand for branded real estate:

  • 1927 – USA: The concept of a brand apartment first appeared in the Sherry – Netherland hotel in New York.
  • 1985 – UK: Opened the first “Branded Residence” in Boston (Four Seasons)
  • 1988 – Thailand: Launched the first “Branded Residence” in Asia (Amanpuri)

(Sherry – Netherland New York)

In addition, we also notice the common characteristics of all of these projects:

  • The Branded Residence in the world is not only impressed by the numbers, but also the symbols that last through time
  • Formula “Win – Win – Win” for all: Buyers – Vendors – Region and Country
  • Famous branded projects have a 30% higher price than traditional projects

Through all of the above, we notice that there are 3 levels of brand engagement:

  • Model 1: Rent a brand
  • Model 2: Collaborative design
  • Model 3: Participating Brand and Operations Management (From A -> Z)

Meanwhile, Marriott International includes:

  • There are 30 brands
  • 7,642 properties
  • 1,423,044 rooms
  • 131 countries and territories

So in a nutshell, high-end real estate may be a new thing in Vietnam in the present, but in the future, when Vietnam has more economic development and full integration with the world, it is not High-end real estate will be an extremely valuable investment. Grand Marina Saigon will be the first project in Vietnam!

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