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Novaworld Da Lat – Europe resort right in Viet Nam

Novaworld Da Lat

Novaworld Dalat – Europe resort right in Viet Nam

Currently, throughout the territory of Vietnam, luxury resort places have been formed and developed more and more. Typically, Novaland investors include: Novawold Ho Tram, Novahill Mui Ne, Novabeach Cam Ranh, .. We can easily see the characteristics of these projects located near the sea! In order to find a new development direction, to build a new European-class resort place, this time Novaland decided to choose Da Lat. It can be seen that Novaworld Da Lat will be the most outstanding resort project in the domestic and foreign real estate market.

Overview of Novaworld Da Lat:

(Novaworld Đà Lạt)

(Novaworld Da Lat)

  • Project name: Novaworld Da Lat
  • Investor: Novaland
  • Development unit: Novaland
  • Project area: 650 ha and 183 ha lake surface
  • Altitude: 1200 m
  • Classification: Multi-functional eco-resort including resort villas, townhouses, commercial townhouses, apartments, hotels and utility clusters
  • Location: Next to Da Ron Lake, Da Ron, Don Duong, Lam Dong, Vietnam
  • Average area: 200 – 600 m2
  • Subdivision: 4 main areas in the style of 4 seasons: Spring (Spring) – Summer (Summer) – Autumn (Autumn) – Winter (Winter)
  • Facilities: park, golf course, safari zoo, swimming pool, …
  • Construction density: 36.5%
  • Legal: pink book

Location Novaworld Da Lat

(Vị trí Novaworld Đà Lạt)

(Location Novaworld Da Lat)

As we all know, Da Lat is known for its peaceful, cool, airy, rich nature. It is not natural that when people in Saigon want to go out or have a vacation during the holidays and Tet holidays, they choose Da Lat as their first option.

Especially, Novaworld Da Lat this time is located right next to the edge of Da Ron Lake. This place is only about 20 minutes from Lien Khuong airport by car QL27. Novaworld is also just 30 km from the center of Da Lat city (Xuan Huong Lake) about 30 km of QL20.

On the other hand, in terms of feng-shui position, Novaworld Da Lat is located in a mountain valley. The place in the west is adjacent to Da Ron lake with a large area of ​​about 183ha of lake surface area. East direction and bordering the mountain side with natural green European style. Especially in the north is the open-air vision with flat land of The Da Lat golf course at 1200. With this advantageous terrain, the atmosphere around Novaworld Dalat will always be kept at a moderate level. airy compared to other areas in Da Lat. Thus, Novaworld Da Lat has many constituent elements: paint, water, gas, green trees. This will be the perfect resting place for those who like the tranquility of Europe, bored with the wind, sun and salt of the sea.

(Vị trí Novaworld Đà Lạt)

(Location Novaworld Da Lat)

Utilities around Novaworld Da Lat

Although Novaworld Da Lat possesses a charming mountainous terrain, it is not separate from the existing surrounding residential area. So in Novaworld Dalat, it means that you will own the facilities, convenience and available tourism benefits of Dalat in the easiest way:

  • Dalat Gold cafe
  • Elephant Waterfall
  • Datanla Waterfall
  • Linh An Pagoda
  • Truc Lam
  • Dalat Railway Station
  • Valleys love
  • Dalat Hasfarm
  • Movie Schooling Lovestory
  • Thi Loan Incubator


(Đà Lạt Gold cafe)

(Da Lat Gold cafe)

(Thung lũng tình yêu)

(Love valleys)

About internal utilities of Novaworld Da Lat

In addition to the facilities commonly found in high-end resorts, Novaworld also specially added:

  • Safari – wildlife park nearly 300ha
  • Sport area
  • Farm
  • Ocean aquarium
  • Kayak canal

(Tiện ích Novaworld Đà Lạt)

(Utilities Novaworld Da Lat)

Progress of Novaworld Da Lat

(Quy hoạch tổng quan Novaworld Đà Lạt)

(General planning of Novaworld Da Lat)

Novaworld Da Lat will have 10 stages of development.

Stage 1

  • Area: 100 ha
  • Style: European, French
  • View: Da Ron Lake
  • Products: 204 villas with an area of about: 600m2; 1000m2; 2000m2


  • 85 Big Villas 2 apartments – land area: 15m x 40m = 600m2 (construction area: 300m2)
  • Expected price: 1.5 million USD
  • Booking: 500 million VND
  • 14 Big Villas 1 apartments – land area: 20m x 50m = 1000m2
  • Expected price: 2.5 million USD
  • Booking: 1 billion VND
  • 25 mansion – land area: 40m x 50m = 2000m2
  • Expected price: 5 million USD
  • Booking: 1 billion VND


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