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Empire city, District 2
  ~1.800 USD/month - EMPIRE CITY
000459 91.4 Sqm 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms Updated 3 years ago

Empire City

Empire City is a complex area providing full living facilities. Coming to this place, residents will experience the completely new living facilities of a modern urban area. No traffic jams, no infrastructure restrictions, no undulating towers with tight living spaces! This place creates an area with 4 elements: Live, Work, Play, Dream. Each element, residents will fully experience the new urban concept!

Empire city Work

Enjoy modern urban life with convenient and easy connections to the existing downtown district of District 1, just 5 minutes away. Immerse yourself in the dynamic, bustling life of the day so that every day is always an exciting adventure. Dynamic economic life with busy commercial and service area. A convergence place for global businesses and international financial institutions. All present at a single address – Empire City. An unlimited workspace, a business connection center, full convergence of commercial functions, outstanding services and optimal traffic connection with the existing city center.

Empire city Play

Empire City owns an endless utility space, designed for everyday life to be more valuable. Immerse yourself in the cool water and swimming pool overflow 50m. Passionate on exercising at the multi-purpose gym. Or hang out with loved ones with a variety of entertainment options. The fun is endless! With open, seamless utility space from indoors to outdoors and large green spaces, helping to rejuvenate all senses right in front of the house steps. Live every second in Empire City. Empire City is a destination that converges all the quintessence of modern urban life. From quintessential culinary experiences from around the world to global brands and exclusive services. The world is right at your doorstep. The 88-story tower will include luxury apartments, luxury hotels and a public observatory. A “Cloudy Garden” with a winding structure will cut the tower vertically in the middle of the sky, bringing the whole green landscape up in the air.

Empire city Dream

Empire 88 Tower, part of the Empire City project, is a spectacular high-rise complex with plenty of community spaces. The tower was built with the ambition to become one of the iconic architectural works of Ho Chi Minh City, drawing a vision of the resonance capacity between nature and living space right in the heart of the bustling city. melancholy. With the charming interaction between the exterior and the interior, Chan May Garden will be an exciting experience journey with the typical tropical landscape of Vietnam. At the top of the tallest tower, The Cloud Space will end the vertical journey of the tower and open up an open space for the community where it can be flexibly customized for events and literary activities. honoring the beautiful view of the bustling urban landscape, apartment for rent district 2.

Empire city Live

The most important part of the Empire City complex is Live. Empire City forms 7 regions with different names. In which there are 4 specialized areas for residents (Linden, Narra, Tilia, Cove): each area contains 2-4 towers. Therefore, it is expected that this will be a unique work in terms of convenience and area.

Empire City Utilities

Each apartment complex in Empire City has convenient high-end amenities.

  • High-class guest blow lobby
  • Small scenes and works of art
  • The outdoor hall has a sofa
  • Pool
  • Outdoor multifunctional area
  • Tropical garden
  • Standard swimming pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Sauna room
  • Gym
  • Separate elevator hall (Cove)
  • BBQ area
  • Children’s play area
  • Yoga room
  • Tennis court (Tilia)
  • Artificial climbing wall (Tilia)
  • Aerial Jogging Track (Tilia)

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If you struggle at finding an comfortable new home, Empire City in district 2 is the great idea!

  • Perfect location for moving to Ho Chi Minh central
  • Top-notch facilities
  • Fabulous shopping mall and Cinema
  • Best suits for families (International school on site), expats and singles
  • Easy escape from the traffic congestion in Thao Dien in the morning

In addition, to overview Gateway Thao Dien project at:

Mai Chi Tho Str, Thu Thiem Ward, Thu Duc City


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Outstanding apartment

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