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Thao Dien Pearl Project Introduction

Thao Dien Pearl Project Introducion

Thao Dien Pearl project mixes three levels of economic centre and a pair of residential towers, wherever completely different volumes and terraces compile the business centre, avoiding a massing impact that would bring to a halt urban continuity.

The towers are placed in staggered rows, to administer excellent read to each flats unit. Scaling back the impact of warmth gain and star glare, a double facade with giant loggias give essential shading during this tropical region. These loggias additionally give gratifying out of doors apartment, in continuity with indoor lounge. On the roof level of this Thao Dien Pearl project, an oversized residential landscape terrace natatorium space offers a pleasant and quiet resting area. The last class of the towers is duplex units with giant gardens and swimming pools space where a resident would enjoy their life fully with two exclusives with from Thao Dien Pearl duplex apartment which are Landmark 81 view and river view.

The designers achieved their objectives by planning such building meeting numerous criteria equivalent to Quality of Life, trendy design, Effective price Construction, Environmental Friendly Care. Thao Dien Pearl apartment project is undoubtedly a contemporary mixed-use building in line with the present concern of energy-saving and environmental integration.

Mat bang tong the can ho Thao Dien Pearl 168 PropertyPerfect Location

Thao Dien Pearl Location
Thao Dien Pearl
is one of the first apartment projects in Thao Dien district, which is the perfect choice to retreat and investment “European village” Gateway: Thao Dien Pearl apartment is the first destination of “European village” – Thao Dien upscale residential community, District 2, wherever enjoying life prosperity of foreign consultants, the entrepreneurs or made bourgeois.

Lifeline entree of the city: connecting the jap gateway to the heart, wherever the intersection of blood vessel roads and economic development key of District two.

Commercial entree District 2, Thao Dien Pearl apartment building is within the designing of the capital of Vietnam road North, Center of District two, that is growing powerfully senior residence and public service within the method of urbanization. Once railway system Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien operate, Thao Dien Pearl will be not solely an area to settle, however conjointly mutually of the attraction destinations looking and amusement. With the subway system trendy, Thao Dien Pearl apartment residents exclusively take some minutes to return to Ben Thanh Market. Convenience in connecting traffic and surrounding communities Thao Dien Pearl will be “golden place” optimize every demand and investment solutions.


Thao Dien Pearl apartment for rent in thao dien

The flat – supermarket – service complicated within the 3-floor basement with city’s infrastructure comes, can meet all of your needs of the location, services and amenities. With our infrastructure benefits of being a section of the event set up of metal Chi Minh town, you’ll be happy with experiencing the most excellent advanced amenities. 

Saigon Bridge, a pair of was inaugurated on ten.15.2013, can facilitate scale back the load for the present city Bridge and relieve tie up at the entrance to northeast metal Chi Minh City.

Expanding capital of Vietnam road project connect city Bridge a pair of the project with the new Dong Nai Bridge is going to expand Hanoi road to three times (from 48m up to 113,5m-153,5m). The enlargement of the capital of Vietnam road is going to be the idea for the implementation of necessary comes on the Hanoi road as railway mount Thanh – Suoi Tien railway Line No. one of metal Chi Minh town.

Metro mount Thanh – Suoi Tien: this can be the primary railway line in metal Chi Minh town with a complete length of nineteen,7km as well as a pair oSix metric linear units underground and overhead seventeen,1km, comprising fourteen stations (3 underground and eleven above). Thao Dien Pearl project is one among the comes connected on to the railway Station No. vi in Thao Dien, facilitating the travel of voters in future comes.

From the primary railway station at mount Thanh, you’ll be in Thao Dien station in five minutes. There’s not even enough time to skim through a news column. Attempt to snap as several photos as you probably will at intervals that short time. Is it a city or New York?

Located at the entrance to Thao Dien ward – western village, Thao Dien Pearl project was “inherited” a developed infrastructure and modern. Thao Dien Pearl developer guarantees to investors and customers truth worth of life, convenience and a healthy living setting, modern.


Thao Dien Pearl apartment for rent in thao dien

The distinctive creator with outside styles brings you nearer to nature and stimulates your emotions. After you are within the mood for silence, you’ll relax in your corner, or after you are feeling additionally friendly, you’ll feel the heat around you. Asian and Western creator blends to make a harmony that suits your interest. It can be a downbeat Japanese vogue flat to calm you down. Or it can be straightforward however spectacular popularity to match your daring temperament.

Apartment Layout

By taking a look of apartment layout, click right here.

Living Environment

Thao Dien Pearl apartment for rent in thao dien

A high-rise house harmony with space existing luxury villas. An inexperienced read with trees and rivers. A fully-equipped, handily set with searching malls, high-speed tram line, close to the most traffic routes encompassing. A category of living – Thao Dien Pearl. Find it yourself where life Harmonizes!

A harmonized mix of high-rises and premium villas. A read of greeneries enclosed by plantations and rivers. A fully-furnished handily set place, surrounded by searching malls, connected by railway lines and main traffic routes. All outline a category of living – Thao Dien Pearl.


Thao Dien Pearl apartment for rent in thao dien

Smile, and you’ll end up enclosed by friends. Your neighbours are residents of Thao Dien Pearl and therefore the adjacent Thao Dien villas. Respecting others’ privacy could be a common understanding here; however, it remains a caring and comfortable neighbourhood.

A “green” living aims to avoid wasting energy resources from wind, water, sun and air. Right there, residents will get pleasure from recent air, natural wind stuffed in every elbow room. Therefore, the buffer colonnade dispels the sunshine, bring refreshing. On the riverside landscape, the Thao Dien Pearl Apartment Project elevates your life to each moment is change and happy forever overflowing.


Besides the convenient living setting, Thao Dien Pearl project offers the energetic living style with a slogan “Every day becomes a new journey”. Each step that you walk gets you to the convenient moments of your life.


Thao Dien Pearl developer aimed to take advantage of recycled resources such as wind, water and sung heat to create energy within the building. As a result, Residents might not need air conditioning through natural airflow between rooms and elbow room. The AHU system (AIR Handling Unit) provides a recent atmosphere to every flat and colonnade to treat sun radiation.

The design of the Thao Dien Pearl blend three floors crowded industrial centre and a couple of towers with inexperienced house enclosed by the city watercourse dreaming. With the open vogue style, refined, revered the exchanges between individuals, Thao Dien Pearl project is an excellent option to settle by the quiet and sweetness harmonized with the encompassing setting. It brings a brand new life vogue, enjoyable and cosy facilities.

Inbound Utilities

  • Service area: 5800m2
  • The swimming pool features an excellent read directed toward Thao Dien village and city watercourse in conjunction with Jacuzzi and kids pool individually.
  • Community space in each ground floor and repair floor. International commonplace athletic facility.
  • Steam bathroom with beautiful botanical landscape

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